To meet the complex needs of the highway industry, Robotics has experience in producing innovative defense and automotive electronics and managing large-scale systems development projects.

HTMS has designed, manufactured, installed, integrated and supported highly successful toll road operations for customers .

Our engineering staff understands the issues that matter most to those who design and build roads. We work closely with private contractors and government agencies to ensure the delivery of creative, workable solutions that minimize cost and risk while maximizing revenue, ease of use, and overall performance.

The multidisciplinary capabilities of the HTMS professional team are ideally suited to the delivery of sophisticated toll collection systems.

We have recently completed approx 80 KMs of Optical fiber (OFC) backbone connectivity including trenching, ducting, splicing etc. for the Highway Traffic Management Systems (HTMS) project for GMR group (GMR Pochanpally Express Highway ) including entire back bone connectivity to Emergency Call Box (ECB) , Closed Circuit Television (CCTV), variable Message Signs (VMS), automatic Traffic Classifier and counter (ATCC), metrological Data Station & connecting these equipments with the centrally managed system ( control room) in which operators located in the Control Room are enabled to use systems (including computers and communications devices) for the followingrespectively:

  • Traffic Monitoring and Detection
  • Control and Response
  • Information dissemination
  • Reports & providing the functionality needed to process data coming from the different HTMS from the field. etc

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